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Porsche and Frauscher reveal their new electric Sports Boat

Porsche and Frauscher reveal their new electric Sports Boat

Porsche and Frauscher have collaborated to develop an electric sports boat based on technologies from Porsche’s future Macan EV. Despite the fact that Frauscher has been manufacturing electric boats since 1955, this collaboration aims to propel the electric boating industry ahead.

Stefan Frauscher, the company’s founder’s grandson, emphasized the rising relevance of electric propulsion in the boating sector. Customers like electric boats because of their quiet operation, lack of pollutants, and dependability. The electric boat has the same proportions as the 585-day cruiser (8.67 meters long and 2.49 meters wide), but incorporates components from the new Porsche Macan EV, which will be released next year.

Porsche’s modified drive technology, which was initially intended for future road vehicles, is employed in the electric boat. This technology is based on the Porsche PPE platform, which will serve as the Macan EV’s foundation. It is powered by a 400 kW electric motor, a 100 kWh battery borrowed from the Macan, and power electronics.

Porsche has added a weatherproof shelter beneath the boat’s back seating area to shield the motor from the elements. The boat also offers driving modes similar to those found in Porsche automobiles, such as Docking, Range, Sport, and Sport Plus, which boosts its versatility and user-friendliness. Frauscher Boats and Porsche Automobiles have presented the first production model of the 850 Fantom Air electric boat, which the firms announced in July. The new eFantom combines the hull of the Frauscher 850 Fantom Air with the powertrain technology of the forthcoming all-electric Porsche Macan.

The firms performed sea trials on Italy’s Lake Garda last week and will formally introduce the model at the Boot Dusseldorf boat exhibition next January 20-28. Detlev von Platen, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, stated during the introduction, “This boat is the result of a great collaboration between two passionate companies with a strong tradition and a high standard of innovation.”

According to Michael Frauscher, the shipyard’s manager of boat construction, Porsche approached the family-owned firm in October of 2021. “They were looking for a suitable boat builder who could collaborate with them to bring Porsche technology from the road to the water.” Frauscher is continually on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies to improve the performance of our electric boats. Everything came together with this.”

“This boat is a real milestone in the industry,” said Michaels’ brother Stefan, Managing Director of the firm. “The electric Fantom Air outperforms the internal combustion engine counterpart in all driving aspects, including peak speed, acceleration, and handling – while also being completely emission-free.”

The eFantom Air begins with the conventional hull of Frauscher’s 858 Fantom Air day cruiser, then incorporates components from the upcoming Porsche Macan’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE), including a permanently excited synchronous electric motor (PSM) and accompanying electronics.

The motor sends power to a Z-drive (inboard/outboard stern drive) via the 100 kWh lithium battery placed beneath the rear living area. Porsche scientists chose wire rope mounts for the suspension in the support frame because they are particularly excellent at absorbing the shocks that are unavoidable while driving rapidly and in waves.

The eFantom offers four driving modes: docking, range, sport, and sport plus. The Docking mode is designed for driving in harbours and has a speed limit of 8 knots (9 mph, 15 km/h). The Range option brings the boat up to the ideal cruising speed of 22 kn (25 mph, 41 km/h), the Speed mode allows for higher speeds, and the Sport Plus mode is limited to 46 kn (53 mph, 85 km/h).

The range on a single charge at cruise speed is approximately 45 km – one hour. Higher speeds limit range, but while many people get caught up with the peak speed of an electric boat, the fact is that a normal boat journey is a combination of moderate and fast speeds. When it comes to charging, Porsche’s 800-volt technology can accept over 250 kW of DC electricity from DC fast-charging stations. Under these conditions, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% SoC in less than 30 minutes.

Companies such as Aqua superPower are developing the infrastructure for this type of high-speed charging, but Frauscher and Porsche stress that for the time being, most charging will be done with ordinary home and high-voltage plugs, which will take a few hours. There is also a normal 11-kW AC charger on board. The Frauscher X Porsche eFantom 850 Air is gorgeous in every aspect, as one would expect from two firms known for their impeccable design.

The open top hull accommodates up to nine guests and has a rear swimming platform that leads to a wide sitting space and two comfy sunbathing mats. A central aisle joins the back end of the boat to the free-standing helm and cockpit, while the bow boasts two additional appealing cushioned benches. The helmstand was designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, and it has a high-gloss black instrument panel set behind a frameless tinted acrylic glass windscreen. The side ends are styled as winglets, which are functional grab grips that pay homage to the Porsche 911.

The traditional Porsche steering wheel was constructed using materials suitable for a naval environment, and the two front seats are inspired by Porsche automotive marine adaptations. All seats are coated in durable artificial leather, and the hull, deck, and upholstery may be chosen in any of Porsche’s colour palettes. 

The eFantom is outfitted with two folding bimini tops that give shade on sunny days, a high-end music system with bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, LED ambient lighting, LED underwater illumination, and a cooling compartment. A bow thruster facilitates anchoring and casting off. It comes complete with an electronic stainless steel anchor and a stainless steel cable.

The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air will be available in a unique first edition, which can be bought through Frauscher starting at € 561,700 net and will be delivered to the first clients in 2024. Interested parties can register on the FrauscherXPorsche website. The yacht will be built at the Frauscher Shipyard in Ohlsdorf, Austria.  The back swimming platform leads to a large living space with sunbathing cushions that is connected to the helm and cockpit by a central corridor. Two extra cushioned seats in the front end provide additional relaxing areas.

The boat may be fully customised with a large selection of colours for the upholstery, hull, and deck. The eFantom will make its formal premiere in January 2024 at the “boot” trade exhibition in Düsseldorf, with a limited edition of 25 devices available for sale from Frauscher.

Prices start at €561,700 ($596,100) net, with deliveries scheduled for 2024. Frauscher Shipyard in Ohlsdorf, Austria, will handle sales logistics and after-sales administration.


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