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Katrina Kaif beats Mark Zuckerberg on WhatsApp channels

Katrina Kaif beats Mark Zuckerberg on WhatsApp channels

The most popular user on WhatsApp channels is actress Katrina Kaif, who beat Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. According to WhatsApp’s recently introduced channels feature, which is the newest method of determining a person’s popularity, the Bollywood diva is presently more well-liked than Bad Bunny and Mark Zuckerberg, owners of WhatsApp parent firm Meta.

Katrina Kaif is the most followed individual on the app, followed by WhatsApp (23 million), Netflix (16.8 million), and Real Madrid (14.4 million), according to reports, and her channel is presently the fourth most followed on the platform with at least 14 million followers. Bad Bunny, FC Barcelona, and Zuckerberg, who have 12.6 million, 10.8 million, and 9.2 million followers respectively, are in the fifth, sixth, and seventh positions behind the Bollywood actor. It’s important to note that Katrina Kaif started using the function on September 13 and her first message was, “Hii, Welcome to my WhatsApp Channel. Start channeling now.

For the uninitiated, WhatsApp, a service owned by Meta and controlled by Facebook’s parent corporation, debuted a new feature called Channels early this year. Users may follow their chosen Channels with the one-way broadcast function, which is distinct from conventional chats. While this feature also enables users to post various updates, from hobbies and sports teams to news from local politicians, it also allows admins monitoring the Channels to provide material with their followers in the form of text, photographs, videos, stickers, and polls.

Users may now view Channels in the application’s new ‘Updates’ page, which also contains the Status. Specifically created to send updates covertly within the WhatsApp network, WhatsApp Channels constitute a one-way broadcast capability. It makes it possible for users to maintain connections and remain up to date on the newest information, advancements, and insights from the people and organizations they choose to follow.

This new wave of communication was started by Mark Zuckerberg, who launched his own WhatsApp Channel to share Meta news and updates and signaled a personal commitment to engage people all across the world. On his WhatsApp Channel, Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement, writing, “Excited to welcome you all to WhatsApp Channels, a new private method for you to get information from individuals and organizations you follow. This channel will be used to share Meta-related news and updates. I’m looking forward to interacting with you everywhere.

The official Indian Cricket Team WhatsApp Channel was introduced by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which also joined WhatsApp Channels. The BCCI intends to use WhatsApp Channels to use the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 to keep supporters updated with crucial information on match schedules, timings, scorecards, and more. This collaboration is expected to increase interest in and support for India when it hosts the famous event.

In order to develop her own WhatsApp Channel, well-known actress and businesswoman Katrina Kaif worked with WhatsApp. Whether it be through her work in the film industry or her commercial endeavors, she views this platform as a wonderful opportunity to interact with her devoted audience, fans, and everyone else who has supported her along her path.

Superstar Vijay Deverakonda stated, “I am launching my Channel on WhatsApp today,” in response to the introduction of WhatsApp Channels. I’m eager to share some fantastic sneak peeks and unreleased behind-the-scenes material with my guys and girls around the nation. The best thing is that it is just as easy to do as sending a message.

In announcing the launch of his WhatsApp Channel, international music sensation Diljit Dosanjh said, “I’m personally excited about WhatsApp Channels because now I have a place where I can share important updates about my life and express myself using all the things I love on WhatsApp, like videos, photos, or polls, not just with people close to me but also with my larger extended community. Who knows, maybe those who subscribe to my WhatsApp Channel may be the first to learn when I perform at Coachella or go on tour in the future.

WhatsApp continues to be dedicated to user privacy by making sure that Channels are distinct from ordinary chats. Choosing somebody to follow on WhatsApp Channels is a completely private decision that is concealed from other followers.

In order to improve the experience using WhatsApp Channels, the following additional features are being introduced:

  • Emojis may be used by users to communicate their reactions without sharing them with followers.
  • Improved Channel Directory: Users can now locate new, well-liked, and active channels simply depending on their country.
  • Editing: Administrators will soon be able to make changes for up to 30 days before they are automatically removed from servers.
  • Messages that are forwarded to chats or groups provide a link back to the channel where further details can be found.

With a commitment to continue improving the platform in response to user input, WhatsApp Channels is scheduled to launch internationally in the coming weeks. The reach of this cutting-edge communication tool will soon be increased by the ability for anybody to start their own channel. Through its official WhatsApp Channel, WhatsApp is devoted to informing consumers about its most recent product improvements, making sure that its community is up to speed on the company’s progress.

Connecting users with the people and organizations that are most important to them, WhatsApp Channels usher in a new age of private and personalized updates. The way we receive and exchange information within messaging apps is about to change because of WhatsApp’s dedication to privacy and user pleasure.

One-way broadcasting feature WhatsApp Channels offers a private method to get information from people and organizations directly inside WhatsApp. Chats and channels are distinct from one another, and the people you select to follow are not visible to other followers. You can locate channels on a brand-new tab called “Updates,” which also contains your Status and the channels you’ve chosen to follow.

WhatsApp channels provide a secret way to obtain information from individuals and organizations. WhatsApp intends to use Channels to build the most exclusive broadcasting service. The individuals you choose to follow are hidden from other followers and are only available to you in separate chats and channels. In a new page called “Updates,” which also includes your Status and the channels you’ve decided to follow, you may find channels.


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