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iPhone 15 users may locate friends around 60 metres

iPhone 15 users may locate friends around 60 metres

The newest Apple iPhone 15 series, which is powered by a second-generation Ultra Wideband processor, has a communication range of up to 60 meters with other products that also use that technology. The “Find My” function on the iPhone 15 series, which was just released by American multinational technology corporation Apple, lets users locate friends who also own the same smartphone and are in their area.

The Precision Finding interface’s distance and direction indications are continually updated in this hands-on demo from Teknófilo, one of the top blogs in Spanish for news, rumors, and analysis of smartphones, tablets, and other technical devices. The demonstration displays a linked iPhone 15 at a distance of around 60 meters, which is the range at which AirTags and Precision Finding may be used.

The range will be restricted indoors owing to other obstructions and interference from walls as the test is done in an open, outside area. If your buddy has disclosed their location to you, you may utilize Precision Finding for Find My Friends to find where they are. Choose the chosen buddy in the Find My app to activate it. Once activated, the “Find: Nearby” button will show up on the information card for your buddy. The distance and directional arrow will adjust dynamically as you get closer to your friend’s location. “Friends with an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro who choose to enable Precision Finding can use Find My to share their location with you alone. It’s easy and confidential,” says Apple.

Here is how can find friends on iPhone 15

  • On your iPhone 15, open the Find My app.
  • Tap People at the bottom of the screen, then choose the name of the buddy you wish to meet.
  • You may need to request your friend’s location or reveal your location if you two haven’t previously done so.
  • Choose one of the following, depending on your circumstances:
  • View your buddy in Google Maps: If you’re not close enough to reach them, press Directions to find your way there.
  • Locate your buddy in the area: If you’re already close to one another, press Find to let your buddy know you’re looking for them. To receive specific directions to their location, simply follow the onscreen instructions.
  • An arrow pointing in their direction and a distance estimate will appear as you draw closer to each other. Green will appear on the screen when you are moving in the proper way.
  • When you’ve found the person you’re looking for, click Close.

Conversely, if you get a notification that a friend is attempting to find you, you may press Share to help them find you. They’ll be able to see your position in relation to theirs if you’ve previously let them know where you are. Notably, if necessary, you can cease revealing your location at any moment.

Precision Finding for People is only accessible in a few countries and regions, and both you and the person you’re seeking must have an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro in order to utilize the function, despite Apple having announced Precision Finding for all iPhone 15 models.

In the meanwhile, Precision Finding has proved its capacity to locate a buddy in a live demonstration by Twitter (now X) user Tekn3filo. The demonstration further confirmed Apple’s assertion that the second-generation semiconductor provides up to three times the range of the U1 chip. Notably, the 60-meter range is a major improvement above the current maximum range of Precision Finding for AirTags, which is just 10-15 meters. Additionally, it is rumored that the new generation of AirTags models will use the new Ultra-Wideband processor, which promises significant enhancements in the item-finding process.

The U1 Ultra-Wideband (UWB) chip, which has been present since the iPhone 11 series in 2019, was replaced with the second-generation UWB chip as part of Apple’s efforts to improve the iPhone 15 line in 2019. The new chip’s range has extended up to three times from the first-generation component to a maximum distance of 50-60 meters (about 154-196 feet), which works in concert with AirTags and the Find My app to give more accurate location monitoring.

You may utilize the Find My app, second-generation UWB chip, and Precision Finding interface with the Find My app to identify a specific individual who has an iPhone 15 series model who is nearby. This is one of the unnoticed new features on the iPhone 15 line. How this works is demonstrated in a video posted by Teknofilo (via 9to5Mac). The Precision Finding interface in the lower left corner displays the distance in meters between you and your target, which is depicted on the display as a dot. You can see where to go via a huge arrow.

The user almost collides with another person while focused on his iPhone screen 13 seconds into the video, illustrating one issue with using this feature. You still need to be mindful of your surroundings while utilizing the new UWB chip to locate someone. Open Find My and touch on a name to search for someone using the Precision Finding interface. The Find: Nearby button will display in the information card if you can locate them using the Precision Finding function.

With Precision Finding and the first UWB chip, the AirTags’ current range is between 32 and 49 feet, or 10-15 metres. When AirTags 2 is eventually released with the improved UWB chip, users will be able to locate things that are farther away using the Precision Finding interface. However, you’ll need one of the four iPhone 15 versions that support the new UWB chip, which is now only available on iPhones.

In fact, the iPhone 15 Plus is precisely that, and this year’s updates to the Plus model put it even closer to the Pro Max version. In a similar small retail package to its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Plus is delivered. We are no longer startled by the absence of a charging brick within the retail package since Apple discontinued it a few generations back. Another surprise is present within, though.

The cable that comes in the box has USB-C connections on both ends since this year all iPhone 15 series devices have USB-C ports. Is this model even better for those looking for screen real estate in an iPhone given its polished style, the quirky Dynamic Island, an even lighter weight than the Pro Max, a quicker CPU, and a significant camera upgrade? Find out now!


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